A Papipoo is a cross between a Toy Poodle and a Papillon. This cross breed dog is a wonderful companion for children and older people alike. They are intelligent and eager to learn new tricks as well.

A Papipoo is a very active and alert dog. It is medium in terms of size, weighing around 6 to 14 pounds and reaching a height of up to 11 inches. The life expectancy of a Papipoo is around 14 years.

The head of a Papipoo is usually rounded and wide between their floppy ears. They are characterized by a short muzzle. Most Papipoos have almond-shaped eyes that are bright brown-colored.

The tail of the Papipoo is quite curly. Its coat is quite soft and wavy, colored either white or black, and medium in terms of length. Even though the dog sheds its fur only a little, it requires a lot of grooming to avoid the tangling of the coat (it is advisable to brush the fur every one to two days, and it must be trimmed after a few months time).

The Papipoo probably has less health issues as compared to pure bred dogs, as cross breeds are known for that trait. The dog can be easily trained, and training is very important to avoid behavioral problems in the long run. It is a fact that a Papipoo has the same intelligence as that of a Poodle, so with some positive reinforcement and the right kind of training strategies, it can easily learn how to behave properly, as well as learn a few tricks.